Who We Are

Civil represents equality for urban life. We aspire to improve communities by offering equal access to technology, a safer city, and a better life for citizens.

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How We Can Benefit the Community

Our technology improves your community’s existing infrastructure. Citizens are able to keep up with events occuring in the community while discovering new businesses through our maps and advertising features. They can charge their devices on the go, receive severe weather warnings, and stay up to date on major city news. The most important feature is public safety. Our kiosks are equipped with artificial intelligence cameras that can alert local first responders when a gun is near. With the growing frequency of mass shootings, our kiosks provide an extra level of safety for communities.

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Our technology is designed to level the playing field for people from all walks of life, from people of low economic status to tourists wondering what the city has to offer. We design kiosks that bring new infrastructure to cities, while emphasizing interconnectedness and public safety. Connect Integrated...

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Gun Detection Helps Protect Your Loved Ones

Our gun detection system connects directly to your current security camera system to deliver fast, accurate detectable threats including guns, knives, and aggressive action. Our system can also alert you to falls, accidents, and unwelcome visitors.

Latest News

How the Humble Payment Kiosk Is Paving the Way to Smart Cities

If you’ve used an ATM or paid for parking at a roadside kiosk, you’re familiar with how kiosks can transform everyday transactions. Interactive kiosks – those backed...

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Miami Private School Rolls Out Gun-Detection System to Prevent Shootings

The back-to-school season never seemed so grim. To the dismay of parents, bulletproof backpacks now join 64-count crayon boxes and binders on shopping lists for the...

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Kroger joins other retailers with gun restrictions

NEW YORK — Walmart has won praise from gun control advocates for its decision to discontinue sales of certain gun ammunition and request that customers no longer openly...

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