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  • Integrated multi-modal wayfinding gives citizens access to real-time transit information, route schedules, mapping, and directions. Applicable for all means of public transportation and share services.
  • Media advertisements expose users to new businesses, services, and vendors.
  • Shares information about upcoming events, arts and culture, recreation, retail, restaurants and attractions.
  • Directory with detailed listings of entertainment options, equipped with photos, coupons, etc.
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  • Real-time gun detection software, directly integrated into the Smart City Kiosk.
  • Automated authority notification.
  • Disaster relief notifications.
  • Amber alerts.
  • Optional emergency call system.
  • High definition security cameras.
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  • Businesses can purchase advertisements on the kiosk to reach citizens passing by.
  • Citizens can access detailed, geo-located, real-time listings of restaurants, shops, activities, services, and resources.
  • Time and weather displayed on the screen at all times.
  • Surveying tools that allow for surveying, providing data for analysis.
  • Anonymized data, including optional pedestrian counts, usage and dwell times.
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