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Our technology is designed to level the playing field for people from all walks of life, from people of low economic status to tourists wondering what the city has to offer. We design kiosks that bring new infrastructure to cities, while emphasizing interconnectedness and public safety.


  • Integrated multi-modal wayfinding gives citizens access to real-time transit information, route schedules, mapping, and directions. Applicable for all means of public transportation and share services.
  • Media advertisements expose users to new businesses, services, and vendors.
  • Shares information about upcoming events, arts and culture, recreation, retail, restaurants and attractions.
  • Directory with detailed listings of entertainment options, equipped with photos, coupons, etc.
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  • Real-time gun detection software, directly integrated into the Smart City Kiosk.
  • Automated authority notification.
  • Disaster relief notifications.
  • Amber alerts.
  • Optional emergency call system.
  • High definition security cameras.
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  • Businesses can purchase advertisements on the kiosk to reach citizens passing by.
  • Citizens can access detailed, geo-located, real-time listings of restaurants, shops, activities, services, and resources.
  • Time and weather displayed on the screen at all times.
  • Surveying tools that allow for surveying, providing data for analysis.
  • Anonymized data, including optional pedestrian counts, usage and dwell times.
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